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Customer Loyalty

Mobile Marketing Drives More Customers

Shoppers visit your store and check-in to your loyalty program, which captures their mobile number for continued marketing direct to their mobile phones.

Watch your sales grow by offering automatic 'come-back' reminders along with general coupons, special offers and announcements.

If you've ever wished you could just reach out to everyone and let them know what's new at your place you'll find text messaging to be the most effective promotional tool you've ever used.

Direct Customer Engagement At The Times Most Important To You!

Broadcast Messaging

Communicate directly with ALL of your customers - Your message on your schedule. 

Automated Engagements

Prevent customer attrition and keep them coming back with preset targeted offers. 

Customer Loyalty

Reward customers for continuing to choose your business ahead competitors.

100% Configured

Completely set-up for you so all you have left to do is send your promotions.

Automation Lets You Focus On Your Business Instead of Marketing 

Check-in Kiosk

Build subscriber lists quickly. Make it easy for customers to join & be rewarded.

Custom Keywords

Customers opt-in by texting your keyword.

On-line Sign-up Form

Capture your website & Facebook visitors.

Customer Import

Use your existing house list to invite customers to join.

Easy Entry Increases Participation

Mobile Coupons

Send single-use redeemable coupons direct to customers.

Text to Win Contests

Increase sign-ups from prospects with drawings.

Birthday Club

Give your customers a reason to celebrate with you.


Include people's names... 'John, here's a deal for you.'

Added Value For Your Customers Improves ROI


Send standard SMS texts or MMS picture messages.

Database Segmenting

Capture emails, preferences & more for targeted messaging.

Unlimited Subscribers

You won't be charged more for growing your business.

Reviews, Surveys & Polls

Improve your business by learning from customers.
All pricing is per location. Custom programs available for those who require a larger volume of message credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SMS and MMS?

SMS is a basic text message (Short Message Service) that consists of 160 characters.

MMS is an advanced message (Multimedia Message Service) that consists of 500 characters and an image attachment.

What is a message credit?

Commercial text messaging does have costs that are paid directly to carriers for sending messages across their data networks. Carriers charge a higher rate for MMS than they do for SMS. Credits are used for each phone number that receives a message.

SMS = 1 message credits
MMS = 3 message credits

What happens if I need more message credits?

Just upgrade your package. You can ask for an immediate upgrade, in which case we will charge you for the difference between your current paid package and the next available package. Or, you can ask us to wait and apply the upgrade at the next billing cycle.

What is an Auto-Engagement?

The beauty of our loyalty program is that you can reach your customers based on the timing of their last visit.

For example, suppose you expect to see your customer no longer than once every 3 weeks. We can set up a message with a special offer that is only sent if it has been 21 days since that customer has checked-in. If (s)he comes in at 20 days we start over so only your lapsing customer receives these Automatic Engagement offers.

After all, why discount customers who are coming in and paying full price?

What is a Broadcast?

Your loyalty program will build a list of customers. When you broadcast you are sending an offer to your entire database. This is different than Auto-Engagements that only reach specific customers based on their shopping habits.

A broadcast offer is usually used for a special offer like a general sale, or to speed up a slow day, or to announce a new item or arrival of a high demand product.

What is the warranty on the kiosk check-in tablet?

We guarantee your check-in tablet as long as you remain a fully paid customer, regardless of program level.

You may encounter some shipping costs and a few days of downtime while a replacement is sent to you.

Please see TABLET WARRANTY for our full tablet guarantee.

Is the tablet really mine to keep even if I quit?


We'll show you how to remove our software from it and you can use it however you like.

What are my on-site requirements?

You only need to have an internet connection. We ship our tablet with its own pre-configured wifi router so you can just plug it in and go. If you can plug in a computer you can setup our loyalty program.

Who owns the data and customer base?

They're your customers. It's your data. We're here to help you succeed.

How does the birthday club work?

Customers will be invited to join your birthday club and will fill out a form that also collects additional information such as:
- First name
- Preferences relating to your business
- Birth date
- Email address (used to populate an email list)
- Other data that you suggest

The birth date is, of course, required and they will be sent a birthday offer on or around their birthday. The offer, duration and timing will be up to you.

It's a great way to get new people into your program even if they haven't been into your business.

Bring them in. Bring them back.


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