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Mobile Marketing Increases Sales

By 01 Feb, 2017
The lure of social media has always been its financially free nature. What could be easier than posting a daily motivational picture or a cute quote or perhaps pictures of customers engaging with your product? And while followers join you quickly learn from your behind the scenes stats that they are not quite as engaged as it would first seem. Sure, you've got 1,700 followers but that last picture post only got seen by 10 of them. But, hey, it was free.

Then you get the idea to boost your post. For a few bucks you'll make sure your followers and perhaps others in the local area, depending on how you set your targeting, will also see your recent musing. Then you realize that customers did not exactly flow through your doors from that either. But, hey, it was only a few bucks for a few days.

Then you think 'everyone is looks for reviews. I'll advertise there.' So you enter your contract and start spending a few hundred each month for ads that only sort-of target people who really aren't interested in you (because they were searching or reviewing something else) but they could be. And then you realize, hey, this is getting serious. I'm spending a lot of money but I'm not seeing enough results.  

The problem isn't necessarily the number of eyeballs on your ad. The problem is that you're not controlling who sees those ads. You're not tracking those who are coming in. You're not reaching out to those who have to make sure they do again (and again, and again). 

RewardMeIE builds a revolving customer cycle for your business. We bring new customers in by helping you with a new website build, or just and upgrade if that's all you need. We turn first time customers into repeat customers. We track repeat customers and automatically encourage them to return and spend even more when they come back. And then we use those happy customers to increase the number of positive reviews about your business across the most popular review channels, which, in turn, attracts more new customers who visit your website. And the cycle continues like a wheel in motion. 

Mobile marketing with RewardMeIE... a better way to reach customers who really do want to spend more money in your business.
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